Nepali language for tourists

Common Useful Nepali Phrases And Words for Travel to Nepal

Are you considering taking a trip to Nepal? If yes, before getting on the plane to this beautiful himalayan country, you could help yourself by learning some Nepali. Let’s learn some Nepali language for tourists!

In case you’re wondering where to start, fear not, welcome to Nepali language 101! Well, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), there are about 123 languages registered in Nepal. Out of them, Nepali is spoken as mother tongue by 44.6 percent of the total population followed by Maithili (11.7%). Nepali is also one of the official languages in Nepal. So, if you do get on that plane to Nepal, learning some Nepali words might help you communicate or connect with people better while in Nepal.
Before we start, here are a few things you should keep in mind about languages in Nepal.

Few Things To Keep In Mind

Not everyone speaks or understands Nepali. While you could find a lot of people speaking Nepali in Kathmandu, Pokhara or Chitwan, it is likely that people in the Terai, or Far West would either speak a different language like Maithili or Newa, or have a different dialect of Nepali. Also, don’t stress on being fluent or grammatically accurate. Just try to have fun with the language and see how people would love you for making an effort to learn their culture!
Alright. Let’s get started with Nepali! First, greetings. Although most of the people would understand a “hello”, throwing a “namaste” would certainly make a difference.


  • Namaste or a Namaskar – Hi/Hello
  • Mero Naam Alex ho – My name is Alex
  • Tapaiko Naam K Ho? – What’s your name?
  • Hoina – No
  • Ho – Yes
  • Sanchai Hununchha? – How are you doing?
  • Ma Thik Chhu – I’m fine
  • Khana Khanu Bhayo? – Had your meal?
  • Ramro Chha – It’s beautiful
  • Malai Maaf Garnu Hos – I’m sorry
  • Dhanyabaad – Thank you!
  • Tapailai Bhetera Khusi Lagyo – It’s nice to see you

Now, addressing people:

  • Dai – Older Brother
  • Didi – Older Sister
  • Bhai – Younger Brother
  • Bahini – Younger Sister
  • Buwa – Father
  • Aama – Mother
  • Tapai – You
  • Ma – Me

Days of the week

  • Hijo – Yesterday
  • Asti – The Day before Yesterday
  • Aaja – Today
  • Bholi – Tomorrow
  • Parsi – The Day After Tomorrow



  • Thamel (Place name) samma Janu Hunchha? – Take me to Thamel, please!
  • Bhaadaa Kati Ho? – How much is the fare?
  • Kati Time Laagchha? – How long will it take?

When you’re at a restaurant

  • Chiya – Tea
  • Noon – Salt
  • Marich – Pepper
  • Cheeni – Sugar
  • Paani – Water
  • Roti – Chapattis
  • Bhaat – Rice
  • Khaana – Food
  • Naasta – Breakfast

While you’re out shopping:

  • Kati Paisa Ho? – How much does it cost?
  • Mahango Rahechha– It’s too expensive
  • Kahan Payinchha? – Where can I find ….?
  • Ali Saano size dinus – Give a smaller size
  • Ali Thulo size dinus – Give me a bigger size

Numbers: Nepali language for tourists

  • Shunya – 0
  • Ek – 1
  • Dui – 2
  • Teen – 3
  • Chaar – 4
  • Paach – 5
  • Chha – 6
  • Saat – 7
  • Aath – 8
  • Nau – 9
  • Dus – 10
  • Hajar – 1,000
  • Dui Hajar – 2,000
  • Dus Hajar – 10,000

These are the basics that would help you communicate very easily while you’re roaming around the streets of Nepal, shopping out and about or trekking in the mountains. Hope you’ve had fun learning all the Nepali words for tourists visiting Nepal. All the best!