Nepali weddings

14 things you need to know about Nepali weddings

If you have scored your first invite to a Nepali Hindu wedding or just wanna know what typical Nepali weddings looks like, this article is for you!

Have you have been invited to a Nepali Hindu wedding? Or, are you from a non-Nepali background and don’t know what to expect? Being a part of a Nepali weddings is entertaining and a pleasant experience, particularly for the first time. So if you have scored your first invite to a Nepali wedding or just wanna know what a typical Nepali Hindu wedding looks like, keep reading!

Nepali weddings
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  1. A Nepali Hindu wedding is at least 2 days long- the wedding day and the reception at the groom’s side. Apart from this, some weddings have engagements, Swayambar (bride and groom exchange rings and dubo garland), mehendi, and samdhi bhet (the bride’s family meets and offers gifts to the groom’s family) among others.
  2. The wedding day and the reception day are the main ceremonies of the wedding.
  3. At a Nepali Hindu wedding, there’s people everywhere! There will be a bunch of people dancing in one corner, another group playing Panche/Naumati (a group of five/nine traditional Nepali musical instruments) or band baajaa in another. Kids will be running around, men and women in their colorful attire will be dancing, eating or talking or engaged in the ceremony.
  4. Unlike foreign weddings, not all guests are involved in the main wedding ceremony. So people will be scattered around in the venue.
  5. Nepali Hindu weddings are filled with little games between the bride and groom and even their families. One of the games includes Jutta Lukaune, where the bride’s younger sisters hide the groom’s shoes. The sisters demand for money or gifts in exchange of shoes.
  6. There’s a LOT of food! You’ll find endless selection of food in the weddings. Make sure you put on a comfortable outfit so that you can have a bit of everything- rice, naan, curries, salad, chicken, goat meat, fish, other delicious snacks, gulab jamun, jerry, samosa, paani puri and even paan!
  7. If you’re giving the couple money, make sure to add Rs.1 or 5 to the amount, i.e., Rs. 505 or 201. These amount ending in 5 or 1 are believed to be auspicious.
  8. Traditionally, the bride’s family and relatives gift her money and gifts.
  9. You’ll see people wearing a new outfit for each ceremony!
  10. Get ready to dance. Even if you can’t dance at all. Everyone dances at these weddings. So everyone will ask you to.
  11. If you’re wondering what kind of outfit and makeup to go with as a female guest, check out this article!
  12. Make sure you don’t get bored. Go try food, socialize with people, dance or watch the ceremony.
  13. You are going to wind up in a lot of people’s photos and videos. Brace your self for that!
  14. Although no one will ask you to bring gifts, you are expected to bring it. You can gift the bride and the groom gifts or money.
  15. Have a lot of fun. Nepali Hindu weddings are insanely fun. So get involved and have as much fun as you can!

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