Only A True Genius Can Ace This Nepal Trivia Quiz

How Much Do You Actually Know About Nepal?

What is the population of Nepal?
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Population of Nepal as of the census day (June 22, 2011) stands at 26,494,504.

How many caste/ethnic groups are there in Nepal?

Niranjan Shrestha/Associated Press
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There are 125 caste/ethnic groups reported in the census 2011.

Which Miss Nepal made history by winning the Beauty with a Purpose title at Miss World 2013?

Miss World
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Miss Nepal 2013, Ishani Shrestha was successful in securing a top 10 position and winning the Beauty with a Purpose title in Miss World 2013.

Can you identify this person?

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Nepalese trail runner and former Maoist soldier Mira Rai was the winner of 2017 Adventurer of the Year by National Geographic.

How old do citizens have to be to vote in Nepal?

AP Photo/Niranjan Shrestha
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To vote in the elections, one must be aged 18.

When did the Anglo-Nepalese War take place?

Nepali times
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The Anglo-Nepalese War, also known as the Gurkha War, was fought between the Kingdom of Gorkha and the East India Company in 1814 – 1816.

Where is the tallest bridge of Nepal?

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The bridge over Modikhola, Parvat is 135 m high from water level.

Which is the conservation area first established in Nepal?
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Annapurna Conservation Area (2049 BS) is the conservation area first established in Nepal.

Who was the first scientist of Nepal?
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Gehendra Sumsher, the very first scientist of Nepal, was born as the first son to the past Prime Minister, Bir Sumsher.

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