Anup Baral and Jaqen H'ghar

Images via InHeadline and Amino Apps

What If Game Of Thrones Was Made In Nepal With Nepali Actors?

All the Game Of Thrones actors have nailed their characters as if it was tailor made for them. We know that it’s almost impossible to imagine any other actor performing the roles of GOT characters. Let’s set aside Nepali actors and their own quality and limitations for a second and imagine what the cast of Game Of Thrones with Nepali actors would look like. This fun post is an attempt to do the unthinkable without offending the Game Of Thrones Nepali fans! So we request you to take the post lightly.

Manisha Koirala as Catelyn Stark

Manisha Koirala and Catelyn Stark
Images via and

Saugat Malla as Khal Drogo

Saugat Malla and Khal Drogo
Images via and Music Nepal/YouTube

Arpan Thapa as Ned Stark

Arpan Thapa and Ned Stark
Images via Wikipedia and

Amrit Dhungana as Jon Snow

Amrit Dhungana and Jon Snow
Images via Amrit Dhungana/Facebook and Terri Richards

Anna Sharma as Arya Stark

Anna Sharma and Arya Stark
Images via AnnaSharma/Instagram and Fanpop

Bipin Karki as Petyr Baelish AKA Littlefinger

Bipin Karki and Peter Baelish
Images via SutraEntertainment and The Verge

Dayahang Rai as King Robert

Dayahang Rai and Robert Baratheon
Images via Parcha and

Namrata Shrestha as Daenerys Targaryen

Namrata Shrestha and Daenerys Targaryen
Images from and

Garima Panta as Melisandre

Images via Garima Panta/Instagran and Villains wiki

Najir Husen as Ramsay Bolton

Najir Husen and Ramsay Bolton
Images via Najir Husen/Facebook and Game Of Thrones Wiki

Samragi RL Shah as Sansa Stark

Samragyee RL Shah and Sansa Stark
Images via Samragyee RL Shah/Instagram and Metro

Anup Baral as Jaqen H’ghar AKA Faceless man

Anup Baral and Jaqen H'ghar
Images via InHeadline and Amino Apps

Sunil Thapa as Lord Varys

Sunil Thapa and Lord Varys
Images via Alchetron and ThronesLife

Jyotsana Yogi as Missandei

Jyotsana Yogi and Missandei
Images via Jyotsana Yogi and She Look Book

Sushil Sitaula as Joffrey Baratheon

Sushil Sitaula and Joffrey Baratheon
Images via Sushil sitaula/Facebook and Daemon Blackfyre 2.0/YouTube

Anmol K.C. as Bran Stark

Anmol KC and Bran Stark
Images via Anmol Kc/Instagram and Wikipedia

Nischal Basnet as Oberyn Martell

Nischal Basnet and Oberyn Martell
Images via Ekantipur and Game of Thrones Wiki

Raj Ballav Koirala as Jamie Lannister

Raj Ballav Koirala and Jamie Lannister
Images via InHeadline and Unilad

Wilson Bikram Rai as Samwell Tarly AKA Sam

Wilson Bikram Rai and Samwell Tarly
Images via Wilson Bikram Rai/Facebook and

Nisha Adhikari as Margaery Tyrell

Nisha Adhikari and Margaery Tyrell
Images via Hope Magazine and HBO

Menuka Pradhan as Shae

Images via Himal Magazine and Hollywood Reporter

Karma as Tormund

Karma and Tormund
Images via and looper/YouTube

Robin Tamang as Sandor Clegane AKA the Hound

Robin Tamang and Sandor Clegane
Images via and Game Of Thrones Wiki

Saruk Tamrakar as Daario Naharis

Saruk Tamrakar and Daario Naharis
Images via Hamro Kalakar and

And finally, Hisila Yami as Cersei Lannister

Hisila Yami and Cersei Lannister
Images via NepaliPatra and HBO

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