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If You Grew Up In The 90s Nepal, This List Will Send You Back To Your Childhood

Dear Children of the 80s and 90s Nepal, we are about to travel back in time today. Put on your Hattichhap/Payal chappal and hop into the time machine! Ready? Here we go:

  1. Being excited about Wednesdays/Saturdays ’cause it was when we got to watch Chandrakanta

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2. Having your computer make that weird noise while it connected to the internet.


3. This NTV’s Baal Karyekram intro

4. Making abstract art in Microsoft paint in computer lab because you were not allowed to use any other computer application

Via @McDoFi/Twitter

5. “Aama, Hatti baliyo ki hatti chaap chappal?”

6. The only candies you could afford with your rare pocket money


7. Or these

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8. Desperately waiting for Maha~~~~bhaa~~~rat~~~ and Ramayan. And that cool dance Shivaji did while the credits rolled in Aum Nama Shivaye

9. Ghurra mithai war with friends

Via _beast_/Tumblr

10. Trying hard and miserably failing at finding names or animals with the initials z and q in this game:


11. Other paper games like Tic Tac Toe


12. WWE stickers you thought were great to collect


13. Being super jealous of kids who owned one of these

Via Bus Stop Hero

14. Or these


15. Or these


16. Using these for storing important files:


17. Feeling super scared whenever “Ghaas Katne Khurkera, Aayo Joban Hurkera” played because:

Via Maha Sanchar

18. Feeling super excited whenever you got to watch Moomin or Mina Cartoon


19. Wondering what condom and Sangini sui ads meant

Via Science Dialog

20. Watching foreign films (English language) in Hindi

21. Driving into the police, kicking them hard being chased by them in Road Rash

Via Emuparadise

22. Having 8 rupiya ko momo or 5 rupiya ko paani puri

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21. These advertisements

22. And, fighting with siblings for these:

Photo via Aussie Pranks

Life was more fun before internet and smartphones, wasn’t it?

Moomin gif
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Take me back to the 90s, pleaseeeeee!

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