Promise Tamang Phan Does Her First Ever Nepali Makeup Tutorial Video

On January 13, make up guru Promise Tamang posted a Nepali takeup tutorial video on YouTube. It was her first ever makeup tutorial in her native Nepali language. “I know I have a handful of my subscribers are from my country Nepal so I wanted to do this special Nepali Traditional Makeup video speaking in Nepali language. This brought back a lot of memories of growing up in Nepal and dressing up like this for events and dances,” Promise wrote on the YouTube video’s info box.

Promise Tamang
Image via Promise Tamang/Facebook

This Patan-born YouTuber currently based in USA makes beauty and transformation videos on Youtube. She transforms herself into different celebrities and fictional characters.

Watch the video specifically for her cute accent!

Spoiler: Promise also sings Nepali song “Kafal Gedi Kutukkai” in the video. Her makeup in the video is inspired by the makeup look of a model in the song.

We hope to see more of her Nepali tutorial videos in 2019!

Promise Tamang
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