Lex Limbu Comes Out

Image via lexlimbu official channel/YouTube

Lex Limbu Comes Out as Gay in Emotional YouTube Video

Blogger Lex Limbu came out as gay in an emotional 17-minute YouTube video. The short-film titled ‘lexlimbu: On Life, Family and Identity’ by Kailash Gurung follows Lex as he openly discusses his life, family and identity.

The film starts with Lex narrating “When I told my parents that I’m gay, I was not scared. I had kept this part of me for so long.” As the camera follows him, Lex goes on to discuss his identity and story.

“I knew for sure this was not a phase. This was not something that I chose either,” he says. Admitting that he never felt the need to come out, he says that he decided to make the video because realised that he has a platform and he has to use it to make it easier for other people to come out of the closet.

Lex Limbu Comes Out
Image via lexlimbu official channel/YouTube

In the video, Lex’s mother also gives an account of the moment he came out to them. She tells that it was difficult to listen to what he had to say and that it must have taken a lot of courage for Lex to come out. She goes on to say that she and Lex’s dad will always be there for him and that she hopes that he moves ahead with strength and courage. She urges all the parents to always be supportive of their children. Finally, “You’re still our son and will continue to be,” she tells Lex.

“What is difference? Is that not something people created? A difference only exists in the mind of a person. I am actually no different to you but it’s time that we celebrate difference we celebrate everyone and we realise that you know what there’s no difference we’re all the same and let’s all celebrate our own unique ways and abilities and how we are and who we are. I’m 25. I’m the most confident I have ever been. Many know me as like simple personally professionally I’m a brother and son and I’m gay so what? And I don’t want this to just be one label and the only label to define who I am.”

Sharing the video on Facebook, Lex wrote, “The story that I’ve kept for so long now becomes ours, one where we march forward for love and equality.”

So proud of you! More power to you, Lex!

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