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Nepali wedding

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How To Slay A Nepali Wedding As A Female Guest

Yummy food, lots of colors and most importantly, gorgeous dresses! So if you have received an invitation to a wedding, and you are totally confused about what dress to wear, here’s a guide to dresses you can wear as a female guest to a Nepali wedding.


  • Since Nepali wedding is pretty colorful, avoid wearing pure white or black to the wedding.

Nepali wedding dress
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  • Avoid wearing short skirts, low necklines, or anything revealing.

  • Don’t overdo make up and accessories.

Nepali wedding dress
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  • Try not to wear the outfits that are uneasy to move around in.


  • Go for traditional dresses like lehenga, Saree, kurthas or gowns. If you are unable to go traditional, pick a full length dress.

Nepali wedding dress
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  • Go for the dresses that have lots of colors in them.

  • Dress modestly

  • Since a Nepali Hindu wedding is full of games and fun, go for something you would be comfortable wearing. You must be comfy running away and hiding your bhinaju’s shoes after you steal them. Be in clothes and shoes that’d be easy to dance in.

    Nepali wedding dress
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  • Don’t skip the accessories. Accessorize yourself with jhumkas, bangles, ankles and bindis.

Nepali wedding dress
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  • If you are invited to the Mehendi ceremony, wear soft, short sleeved dresses to keep your hands exposed. Avoid earth toned dresses and go for some vibrant colors like yellow, orange, pink and cream.

Nepali wedding dress
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  • Enjoy the food.

  • And finally, wear confidence and smile to the wedding.

Nepali wedding dress
Image via hasee-toh-phaseee.tumblr.com 

You’re now ready to rock the wedding!

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