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Dharahara after 1934 earthquake old nepal

Image via @OldphotoofNepal/Facebook

Rare Pictures Of Old Nepal That Will Take You Back In Time

Who doesn’t love a good black and white picture? Today, we present you a collection of pictures that will take you back to the glory days of vintage Nepal. These old pictures that document the life, leaders and celebrities of old Nepal over the past decades. Here are a few of our personal favorites that you need to see today.

  1. A bride being taken to the groom’s house following the marriage in Panauti in 1969 AD.

A bride being taken to the groom's house Old Nepal
Photo by Doug Hall, image via Sunil Ulak/Facebook

2. Women waiting to cast their votes during election in Baglung in 1966.

Old Nepal 1966-Women waiting to vote in Baglung.
Photo by Wayne Stinson

3. An aerial view of Bauddhanath in 1979 AD.

Old Nepal Baudhhanath Stupa
Image via @NepalInPix/Twitter

4. Porters carrying a car across a stream in 1948. Young men in the villages of Makwanpur were hired to transport the vintage German-made Mercedes.

Porters transport a car across a stream, Nepal 1948 Old Nepal
Photo by Volkmar K Wentzel/National Geographic

5. Bhotahiti in 1965

Bhotahiti in 1965 Old Nepal
Image via @NepalInPix/Twitter

6. Dharma Bhakta Mathema photographed with his wife and daughter.

Dharma Bhakta Mathema with wife and daughter. old nepal
Image via Shambhu Rai

7. Dharahara destroyed in 1934 Nepal Earthquake.

Dharahara after 1934 earthquake old nepal
Image via @OldphotoofNepal/Facebook

8. A bangle seller attending customers at Aitabare haat bazaar (market) in Panchakanya, Ilam in 1967.

Date: 1967 Location: Panchakanya, Ilam Description: Bangle seller at market day in Aitabare. old nepal
Photo by David O’Connor

9. King Tribhuwan with his two queens.

King Tribhuwan with his wives
Image via OldphotoofNEPAL/Facebook

10. A little girl applying bhai tika to her brother in Mauja, Kaski in 1973.

A little girl applying bhai tika to her brother in Mauja, Kaski in 1973. old nepal
Photo by Tod Ragsdale. Image via OldphotoofNEPAL/Facebook

11. Tenzing Norgey Sherpa and Edmund Hillary on the top of Mount Everest in 1953.

In 1953, Tenzing Norgey Sherpa and Edmund Hillary ascended Mount Everest old nepal
Photo via OldphotoofNEPAL/Facebook

12. Nepali beauty -1972

Nepali beauty old nepal
Photo by Nick DeWolf, Nepali

13.  Queen Elizabeth Ll shakes hands with King Birendra as she and her husband Prince Philip arrive in Nepal in 1986.

King Birendra old nepal
Photo via Getty Images

14. Ason in 1970s

Ason old nepal
Image via  explorehimalaya.com

15. Kathmandu – Bhaktapur road, in late 1970s.

Kathmandu - Bhaktapur road, in late '70s.
Image via @NepalInPix/Twitter

16. People supporting king’s rule during 1980 referendum.

People supporting king's rule during 1980 referendum. old nepal
Image via

17.Chabhil (Stupa) in 1980s.

Around Chabhil (Stupa), Kathmandu during 1980s old nepal
Image via @NepalInPix/Twitter

18. Unindentified place -1976

old nepal
Photo by Alain Van Hille

19. Gauchar Airport

old Nepal
Photo by Toni Hagen

20. Trolley bus stop – 1975

old Nepal
Photo by Daniel W Edwards

The good old days, really.

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